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What is hydrothermal reactor and how do you use it?

What is hydrothermal reactor and how do you use it?

how to use hydrothermal autoclave reactor with Install Video

What is hydrothermal reactor and how do you use it?

hydrothermal synthesis autoclave reactor with ptfe lined vessel

teflon lined hydrothermal synthesis reactor

The operation method of TEFIC brand hydrothermal synthesis reactor:

1. Pour the sample into the PTFE/teflon liner.

2. Then put the PTFE/teflon liner into the stainless steel jacket, add a gasket, cover the kettle cover and tighten it.

3. Hydrothermal synthesis reactor is placed in an oven, muffle furnace, water bath or oil bath, and starts to heat up. It can be heated in stages according to requirements. (The temperature does not exceed 220℃, and the pressure does not exceed 3Mpa).

4. After the reaction is over and the temperature of the hydrothermal synthesis reactor is lowered to room temperature, twist the lid of the kettle to loosen and take out the inner liner.

5. Hydrothermal synthesis reactor should be cleaned after use to prevent rust.

Main features of hydrothermal synthesis reactor:

1. high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

2. can quickly digest substances.

3. operation is simple.

Advantages of hydrothermal synthesis reactor :

Excellent workmanship, smooth surface without burrs.

Kettle body and kettle lid sealed with durable, reliable line sealing structure, long-term stability of the sealing effect without leakage.

Professional manufacturing, complete specifications, support non-standard customization.

TEFIC laboratory hydrothermal synthesis reactor is made of thick high quality SS304, it is resistant to corrosion and rust .

Inner uses complete teflon/PPL material, excellent acid resistance and alkali resistance.

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